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The restaurant service is mainly prepared by the owners and staff (now part of the “family” of the hotel), the à la carte menu offers fish and seafood specialties according to typical Elban recipes, for lunch and dinner.

Whether you are a hotel guest or not, you will have to come back to enjoy our delicacies. In the menu you will find the following:

  • Penne with seafood
  • Scialatielli prepared by island style
  • Noodles on black squid sauce with mussels
  • Risotto with delicious seafood
  • Noodles with sea urchins
  • Cavatelli scaccia pensieri
  • Fusilli alternative
  • Large plate with fryed by Elban style
  • Grilled swordfish steaks, snapper or tuna
  • Squid from reef by hunter style
  • Filet San Pietro by summer style

One of the most important dishes that the cuisine recommends are the famous green gnocchi, made by hand and prepared according to an old family recipe.

The express kitchen, expertly organized, is able to satisfy even the most demanding palate, where quality and courtesy is daily on the menu.